Starting a pad printing business

Published: 06th December 2011
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Indeed the most important part of starting a pad printing business is the machine that you will use for creating the finished products. Here are some considerations for you to ensure that you are maximizing the supplies and equipments available for you:

 Pad Printing Plates – the aluminum photo-polymer plates are easy to use and inexpensive. On the other hand, machine engraved metal plates can be more expensive but they can easily handle high volume projects.
 Printing Subtrates – the material or substrate of the item where you will print on should be fully understood. Different subtrates use various inks for wear-resistance and adhesion.
 Printing Pads – in many standard configurations, silicone printing pads may be custom manufactured in order to suit your need. They come in different hardness levels.
 Press Adjustments – automated machines have separate adjustments or control for ink impression and pickup. It’s prudent to start with light pressure and slow speed settings, increasing as needed.
 Doctor Blade Preparation– doctor blades are used to remove the ink from the surface of the plate; therefore, this should not contain cracks or nicks to prevent plate damage. Always clean them thoroughly.
 Ink Formulation – use the ink that’s specially formulated for the substrate you’re printing on. It’s also important to follow directions to achieve drying properties and optimal adhesion.

Pad Printers designed for production, business, or home are easy to learn, operate, and achieve perfectly registered repeat prints on almost any surface, article, or product, using fast drying inks - 10 to 20 seconds drying time. Printers are supplied with Magnetic Printing Plate Holder, Blades, Pads, Inks, basic accessories and full Instruction Material. Plastic, Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Wood, Paper, Card, Fabric, Cotton.Articles of all kinds and shapes can be printed or decorated using a Motorise Pad Printer - Novelties, Souvenirs, Promotional Products, Leather and Wood Products, Advertising articles - Cigarette Lighters, Pencils, Pens, Give-aways, Metal & Plastic items, unusual and odd shapes such as Golf balls, Wine glasses, an EGG, a WALNUT or even a polished round stone paperweight!Pad Printing is an indirect intaglio process where the etched image on a flat plate is tilled with ink by a 'spatula' or wiper, the excess ink wiped off by a doctor blade, leaving ink only In the etched image. This ink is then picked up by a silicone rubber pad and transferred to the product surface. The etched image can vary from .0005" to .0015", by exposure of a film positive to the sensitized surface of a Nylopolymer or steel plate. The pad is basically a silicone rubber compound, molded to geometrically determined shapes. In order to transfer images with the minimum peripheral distortion onto flat or curved surfaces. Being elastic the pad shapes itself to the product surface. The pad shape usually relates to the image size and product shape

 New Motorized/ Electricle Closed Cup Pad Printing Machine

Motorized Closed Cup Pad Printing Machine is ideal for integration in automation. The Closed Cup Pad Printing Machine is compressor free.

Key features of Motorized Closed Cup Pad Printing Machine are:

• Environment friendly
• Membrane keyboard controls
• Ideal for integration in Automation
• Re-settable counter as standard fitting
• Suitable for Ceramic/ Steel Cup Rings
• 90mm Diameter. Closed Cup, usable on both sides
• Proximity switch based
• Smooth movement due to Rail Guides
• Motorized Machine, compressor free
• Single Phase requirement
• Closed Cup
• Silent Noiseless Operation
• Variable Frequency Controlled AC Drive
• Low electrical consumption
• Higher cycle time/printing output


1) Power Supply: 220V/50HZ, 55W
2) Operating model: electromotive
3) Working speed: ≤3600 times/hour
4) Printing area: ≤40 x 50mm
5) Maximum plate size: 80 x 175 mm
5) Printing height: ≤380mm
6) Weight: 21kg
7) Size (L x W x H): 425x395x550mm
8) Carton Size: 435x405x560mm
9) Sealed Cup: 70MM;Max.Printer Dia.65mm.

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